Multi-functional & Vegetal

Fast Healing Advanced
Wound Dressing

Hyperoil® promotes the wound healing process related to different kind of skin lesions. It can be used at every stage/grade of a wound.

Registered as a Class IIb Medical Device, it is not a drug.

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Hyperoil® provides:

  • infection prevention
  • support to re-epithelialization
  • fibrinolytic activity
  • cleansing activity
  • minor trauma during dressing changes
  • better soothing effect

It solely requires the aid of secondary dressings to protect and/or absorb, as needed, performing independently all other key functions at all stages of tissue repair.


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More Info

Oily Formulation

Gel Formulation

100 ml Glass Bottle

(with spray nozzle)
Ref. 100610

100 ml Gel Spray

(with spray nozzle)
Ref. 100100SPO

50 ml Glass
Dropping Bottle

(with dropper)
Ref. 10050CGO

30 ml Gel Tube

(with introducer)
Ref. 10030TGO

10 pcs. (10x10cm) Medicated Gauzes

(individually packed)
Ref. 10010GMOS

5 ml Oil Re-Sealable Vial

(individually packed)
Ref. 100101HY

5 ml Gel Re-Sealable Vial

(individually packed)
Ref. 100501HY

3ml Oil Vial (sample)

Ref. 9000103HY

3ml Gel Vial (sample)

(individually packed)
Ref. 9000503HY

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