Hyperoil® history dates back to 2005, when RI.MOS. (www.rimos.com) acquired the product’s patent license; in 2006 began clinical trials in human medicine for the treatment of ulcers and bedsores.

The initial findings of the Clinica Barbantini of Lucca, Tuscany, one of the most important National reference centers, carried out by the Department of Vulnology, surpassed even the most optimistic forecasts.

In 2008, RI.MOS. obtained the CE certification of Holoil® (brand for the Italian market) and Hyperoil® (brand for foreign markets) as Class IIb Medical Device.

In 2009 RI.MOS. began marketing the product within the Italian market under the brand names of Hypermix® for Veterinary use and Holoil® for Human use (in 2011).

On 13/02/13, the prestigious BMJ (British Medical Journal) published the first scientific paper regarding the use of Holoil® for the treatment of diabetic foot, entitled "The use of an extract of Hypericum perforatum and Azadirachta indica in advanced diabetic foot: an unexpected outcome".

Dr. M. Letizia Iabichella, expert in Angiology and Vulnology and author of the case report documents the clinical unexpected outcome of Holoil® based treatment on complicated vascular ulcers with complex clinical management (bone exposure, extension tendency, and susceptibility to recurrent infections).

The paper demonstrates the clinical efficacy of Holoil® while endorsing its application within home-based self-medication executed by family members. It is the first medical evidence that shows a remarkable and significant result with a multifunctional self-sufficient advanced wound dressing of vegetal origin, in diabetic foot vascular ulcers.

In March, 2012 RI.MOS. launched the brand HYPEROIL® in European and Extra European Countries.

In 2013 RI.MOS. announced the launch of a new brand, HOLOIL SYSTEM®, gathering all vegetal based products for human and veterinary use. In 2017 and 2018, the family expanded with the launch of H3 ozonized gel, Class I MD, to be used in case of microcirculatory disorders, cramps, pain and oedema and MYKUTIS® a revolutionary poly (L-lactic acid) scaffold functionalized with Hyperoil®. It helps regenerate and repair acute and chronic lesions of the skin. Suitable as a substitute of cutaneous grafting or for the preparatory phase of autologous grafting.

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