The ECONOMIC ADVATANGE of using Hyperoil® is based on several factors:

1) It is MULTIFUNCTIONAL, thus SELF-SUFFICIENT in treating chronic wounds. Thanks to Hyperoil® it is possible to perform what usually requires many different primary wound dressings. Saving, in some cases up to 85% of the budget usually needed to treat chronic and severe wounds.
It just needs the support of a secondary dressing to protect and absorb exudate.
It does NOT require disinfectants.

2) It has a FAST OUTCOME, allowing to shorten the treatment duration.

3) It is very SIMPLE to use, allowing home-based self-medication executed by family members, under regular medical supervision. This helps reducing the costs for hospitalization.

4) It requires MINIMUM quantity for each application.

For further info about Hyperoil® economic advantages please contact us at info@hyperoil.com


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