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Hyperoil History

In 2005 RI.MOS. (www.rimos.com) acquired the patent license of ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development).
In 2006 began some clinical trials in the human medicine with a wide variety of therapeutic treatments of ulcers and bedsores.
Rimos has been accreditated as a MIUR Laboratory (Ministry of University and Research) since January 2007.
The initial findings at the Clinica Barbantini of Lucca in the department of vulnology, one of the most important national reference centers, surpassed even the most optimistic forecasts.
In 2008, RI.MOS. presented the technical file and the documentation required to obtain the registration and CE certification of Holoil® (brand for the Italian market) and Hyperoil® (brand for foreign markets) as Class IIb Medical Device.

In 2009 RI.MOS. began marketing the product under the brand name of HYPERMIX® for veterinary use and in 2011 began the marketing process of Holoil® for human use (both brand names are used within the Italian market).

On 13/02/13, the prestigious scientific journal BMJ (British Medical Journal) published the first scientific publication concerning the use of HOLOIL in treating the "diabetic foot" vascular ulcers.
Dr. M. Letizia Iabichella, specialist in Angiology and Vulnology, author of the case report entitled: "The use of an extract of Hypericum perforatum and Azadirachta indica in advanced diabetic foot: an unexpected outcome" documents the "clinical unexpected outcome" of Holoil®-based treatment of complicated vascular ulcers of the foot in a diabetic patient with complex clinical management, as happens often with "diabetic foot ulcers" , presenting bone exposure, extension tendency, and susceptibility to recurrent infections.
In this case reports, it is demonstrated the clinical efficacy of using Holoil® and its administration in "self-medication at home" by family members. It is the first medical evidence that shows a remarkable and significant result with a multifunctional self-sufficient advanced dressing of vegetal origin, Holoil®, in "diabetic foot" vascular ulcers.

In December 2012, RI.MOS. acquired the license to manufacture and market another product, patented in Europe and in many other non-European countries.
RI.MOS. was engaged in this acquisition because this invention was an equally valid alternative to Holoil®, since it use the same active ingredients but a different production system. The production method consisting in the extraction of the active principles from the two plants, Neem and St. John's Wort, is innovative and does not require the production of their oil. This kind of production improves the stability of the extract and maybe in the near future, this will lead to a lengthening of shelf life.

In March 2012 RI.MOS. began marketing abroad the brand HYPEROIL®.

In 2013 RI.MOS. announced the launch of a new brand, HOLOIL SYSTEM® that grouped all products originating from the same production philosophy: the combination of Neem and St. John's Wort active ingredients extract.

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